Macintosh IIsi Disks and Manual Package


The books and disks from the Essentials box


The Macintosh IIsi was introduced in 1990 and originally shipped with System 6.0.7. In 1991, it shipped with System 7. The contents of the Essentials box also changed.

Choose from the following:

A) Complete package with the 1-2-3 packages, except for a packing list and the Number 2 wrapper. This includes a sealed 1 package – Open first to set up your Macintosh. Contents of 2 (Open second) package – sealed Getting Started With Your Macintosh IIsi, sealed Macintosh User’s Guide and (2) System 6.0.7 disks. 3 package (Open third) includes license and warranty sheets plus rainbow Apple stickers.

B) Number 2 box with plastic disk holder contains a copy of the packing list (7/91), Special Features of Your Macintosh IIsi manual, Macintosh Reference manual, Macintosh Networking manual, HyperCard Basics manual, System 7 Compatibility booklet. The 8 disks include HyperCard Program, A Closer Look At Your Macintosh IIsi, and 6 – System 7 disks.