Apple Super Serial Card II


Allows you to add a Printer or a Modem to your Apple II

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1981 Apple Super Serial Card II

670-0020- (Rev. C on card pictured). 820-0046-D

Used in the Apple ][, ][+, and //e computers with an RS-232-C serial interface. Popular uses for this card are connecting an ImageWriter or ImageWriter II printer or modems, terminals, and other devices. Can be used in the IIGS, but that has serial ports built in. This card would also be used for networking with printers or other Apple II and Macintosh computers.

Available manuals are the Apple II Super Serial Card User’s Manual (1985) and the (1981) Apple II Super Serial Card Installation and Operating Manual.

Previous rescuer removed the short card interface cable from the card for easier storage, I may run across them yet…If you are replacing an existing Super Serial Card, you won’t need the cable. Available with and without the card to port interface cable. The card interface cable goes from the card (10 pin plug) to the back of the computer where it fastens into one of the openings, becoming a 25 pin port for the printer/modem cable to plug into.

You will need an additional cable (not included) to go from the back of the computer to your particular device – a printer, modem or other serial device.

Note: Item pictured is representative, the actual item you receive may be a different revision or serial number or even have different colored dip switch blocks..