DB Master 3 – The Database Manager


Keep your large amounts of info neatly together in one place with DB Master 3


You will soon learn to place important records, tasks and information into your computer forming a foundation of data for your use. DB Master gives you many powers of manipulation over this Data Base. You will design, create and use a system tailored to your needs of today and for years to come.

Publisher: STONEWARE

Version Three Apple II Edition


  • 3 ring binder
  • Manual
  • 5.25″ disk

System Requirements:

  • Apple II, II+, Apple III ( In Apple II emulation mode)
  • RAM 48K
  • AppleSoft Basic
  • DOS 3.3
  • One 5.25″ disk drive however two is recommended

Condition: Binder with the soft leather like cover is in nice condition.