The Applesoft Tutorial


Back in the day before software even existed, you had to write your own!

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The Applesoft Tutorial starts you off with setting up your Apple II and the shows you what you can do with it.

Apple Product #A2L0018 (030-0044-00)

This manual will show you how to plug in your Apple (easy) and will be a guide as you learn to program it (also easy). If you are an Old Hand at programming, you will find some new features and conveniences in Applesoft basic that make programming a lot more fun. If you are a Newcomer to programming, you will also find many features and conveniences in Applesoft BASIC that make programming a lot of fun. But, if you are a Newcomer, be warned that programming, though not difficult, can only be learned by doing. More will be said on this topic later, but remember–this is a book to be used, not merely perused.

This is one of two additional manuals that could have come with the Apple II or II Plus In addition to the Apple II Reference Manual