Micro Adventure


More Than An Action-Packed Novel!


Adventure books for your computer. Starting in 1984, these interactive novels take you on many computer adventures, what a great introduction to BASIC programming. Micro Adventure is more than a great adventure story. It’s danger, action, and suspense – plus computer programs for you to run. Your name is Orion, and as the computer whiz on the ACT (Adventure Connection Team), only you can save the world.

  • 1 – Space Attack
  • 2 – Jungle Quest
  • 4 – Time Trap
  • 5 – Mindbenders
  • 6 – Robot Race
  • 7 – Doom Stalker
  • 8 – The Big Freeze
  • 9 – Dead Ringer
  • 10 – Spellbound

All have a number written on the cover, or a name written inside the cover. Micro Adventure #2, Jungle Quest is in poor condition – pages are separating from the binding, but is all there. The rest of the books are in good to like new condition – call them all good.

BASIC programs will run on an Apple II Plus, IIe, IIc, IIGS or other computers of the era.