Apple Keyboard II Parts




Repair parts for the Apple Keyboard II, Model M0487.

While they look identical on the outside, there are two versions of this keyboard available and none of the parts are interchangeable. According to Apple, Version A serial numbers start with “M”. Version B serial numbers start with “S” or “T”.

According to what I have in inventory, Version A (M) would have been made by Mitsumi, and Version B (S) would have been made by SMK. No keyboards with a serial number starting with T are in stock, so unable to verify manufacturer or parts at this time.

Other identifying indicators of which keyboard you need the part(s) for are:
If you have already carefully removed the cover of the keyboard, the inside of the cover and the controller (encoder) board will be stamped “Mitsumi” or “SMK”.

If you remove a keycap, look both at the underside of the key and at the keyboard. the underside of Version A (M), Mitsumi, has a square post with a round hole in it. The corresponding switch on the keyboard has a round rubber cup or dome over a round white post.

The underside of a key cap of Version B (S), SMK, has legs at opposing corners and a rectangular post. A white, plastic switch may or may not have come up with the keycap. If it did, you will see a spring sticking out the end of the switch. Looking at the switch on the board, will either be a large, white switch sticking up with a rectangular hole and wings on each end or a large hole where this switch goes (if it is still attached to the cap).

All other keyboard parts including switches, screws, case parts, controller, backplate, feet, springs and stray stabilizer wires and clips found under the keycaps are here. Whenever possible, the stabilizer wires and clips will go with the key caps.

  • Case screws are sold in a set (3)
  • Backplate screws are sold in a set (3)
  • The SMK (Version B) controller board screws (6)- they will go with the board
  • The power button goes with the top case
  • The backplate assembly includes ALL switches for Version A (Mitsumi)
  • The backplate / membrane module assembly includes only the caps lock switch (finicky) for Version B (SMC). The assembly is comprised of the metal backplate, membrane, and plastic backplate w/caps lock.

These were complete, working keyboards, the bottom case was broken in version A (M) and a combination of worn keys, a finicky caps lock and the loss of a few wire clips while cleaning made Version B (S) a parts candidate.