This is the place for Printers and printer parts and accessories. Printers, interface cables, power supplies or cables, paper trays, manuals, software, ink, repair parts and whatever else may come up. If there isn’t a link, accessories, paper trays and ink will be found with the printers or repair parts.

Printer Cables, Adapters and Power Supplies.

Printer Manuals and Software.

Printer Repair Parts.

By Printer Type:
Dot Matrix printers can be Serial or Parallel.
Inkjet printers can be Serial, Parallel or USB
Laser Printers can be AppleTalk, Serial or USB

By interface:
Parallel, Serial or USB.

Which type of interface you’re looking for depends on whether you’re using the built-in printer port or are relying on a controller card that goes into one of your slots (Apple II, NuBus, PCI, etc).
    •    Apple II, II Plus, and IIe require a printer card for one of the internal slots. This card can be either Serial or Parallel.
    •    Apple IIc, IIc Plus, IIGS and Macintosh 128K through Beige G3 have a built-in Serial port. An Apple IIGS can use a Parallel printer card.
    •    Later G3’s and up use USB. A USB PCI card can be installed in most Power PC’s.
    •    A few external converters are around for your Mac. They include Serial to Parallel and Serial to USB.
    •    Some of the Apple Laser printers are only accessable via AppleTalk.
    •    AppleTalk uses the serial port, but rather than a serial cable, AppleTalk/localtalk boxes are used at each end with a special cable running between the boxes.

By Manufacturer: For the purpose of this website
Apple printers are Serial or AppleTalk (LaserWriter) from the ImageWriter and later. Earliest printers had their own interface card or had a parallel interface like the Apple Dot Matrix Printer (DPM).
Epson printers are Parallel (Dot Matrix) or USB
HP printers are Serial or USB
Other manufacturers, along with Epson and HP also have/had parallel printers for other computers. Anything that won’t work on an Apple II or Mac will be listed under Products for Non-Apple Computers.