Which type of interface you’re looking for depends on whether you’re using the built-in printer port or are relying on a controller card that goes into one of your slots (Apple II, NuBus, PCI, etc).
• Apple II, II Plus, and IIe require a printer card for one of the internal slots. This card can be either Serial or Parallel.
• Apple IIc, IIc Plus, IIGS and Macintosh 128K through Beige G3 have a built-in Serial port. An Apple IIGS can use a Parallel printer card.
• Later G3’s and up use USB. A USB PCI card can be installed in most Power PC’s.
• A few external converters are around for your Mac. They include Serial to Parallel and Serial to USB.
• Some of the Apple Laser printers are only accessable via AppleTalk.
• AppleTalk uses the serial port, but rather than a serial cable, AppleTalk/localtalk boxes are used at each end with a special cable running between the boxes.