Epson LQ-1170 Impact Printer (Parallel Interface)


Dot Matrix ~ Terminal Printer

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This 24-pin Epson LQ-1170 Impact Printer offers Letter Quality printing and allows you to use paper from the front, rear or bottom. This printer works great and was last used with an Apple IIe. There is some discoloration – most noticeable on the front. Last picture is an additional tractor that came with the printer. To date, I have not tried to install it, so I can’t guarantee that it’s even for this printer. This printer has a parallel port – used for IBM type computers or an Apple II with a parallel printer card. There appear to be Macintosh drivers available, and from what I read on the Epson site, there was also optional ports or port adapters to make this serial or to use AppleTalk.

Lots of information including the Users Manual can still be found at Epson: