PowerBook G3 (Bronze or Lombard)


Last of the SCSI PowerBooks

Sold out for now

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This Lombard PowerBook G3 features the Bronze keyboard, 333 Mhz, 512k Cache, 384 Mb Ram, 8 Mb Video ram, DVD drive and a 4.86 Gb Hard Drive!

It had been upgraded from the original 64Mb of Ram to 384 Mb and now includes a DVD drive instead of a CD. The battery is recent and holds a great charge – I haven’t tested it beyond maybe a couple of hours and still showing around 50% charge. Altogether over $100 worth of upgrades in today’s market.

Ports include: VGA, S-Video, SCSI, 2 – USB, RJ-11(modem), RJ-45 (ethernet), sound in and sound out, IrDA (infrared), and power. The two bays on the side typically hold a battery on the left and an optical drive on the right. Batteries can be put in both bays to extend the portability, but drives – Zip, SuperDisk, CD-ROM and DVD can only be used in the right bay. A weight saving device can be used instead of a battery.

Installed OS is System 9.2.1.
OS X (not included) can be run on this computer – up to 10.3 is officially supported.

What’s Included:
PowerBook G3, 333Mhz Lombard model – details above
2 piece Power Adapter
Modem cable for built-in Modem
WiFi Card – Lucent Orinoco Silver 802.11b

Condition: Scratches and such from normal use. Feet have been replaced, it sits higher than factory so has more air flow. There is one mark on the screen from the keyboard – so faint, I can’t get a photo of it. There is what might be faint cracks on the lid in the corners above the hinges and multiple scratches around the a/c port. The cover for the irDA port is missing.

Computer with WiFi as Listed above for $134.99

As the last of the SCSI PowerBooks, owner has collected an assortment of SCSI adapters, an external display adapter and a Targus carrying case to complement the PowerBook. Adapters include: PowerBook to SCSI-1 25 pin (DB25), PowerBook to SCSI-1 50 Pin Centronics, PowerBook to SCSI-2 HDB-50, a new, sealed Macintosh to VGA adapter, 590-0322-A, and a Targus laptop bag.

Add this to your PowerBook purchase for only $30.00 more – less than the cost of a new bag.