PowerBook 520


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PowerBook 520, M4880, 8mb, 240mb hard drive, 3.5” Disk Drive, System 7.5
68LC040 processor, 9.5” 640 x 480, grayscale passive matrix display

Introduced in 1994, The PowerBook 500 series was the first with a trackpad, PCMIA slot, stereo speakers. built in ethernet, intelligent NiMH battery, expansion bay, and sleep when closing lid, full sized keyboard with Function keys.

Package includes:
Powerbook 520, power adapter
Targus bag
Global Village modem, manuals and software
Original Manuals and System Disks,
Microsoft Works 4.0 and other software

PowerBook looks great! The screen flickers a bit, but I was able to adjust the contrast and brightness to stabilize it. Battery is present, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t hold a charge. Rear port cover hinge is broken on one side. so comes loose when opened.