iBook G3 14″ Display Assy


iBook G3 14″ M8413, A1007

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Apple 661-1780, 661-2613, 661-2692. All 600-900MHz G3 iBook 14″.

White or Opaque Display assy for all 14″ iBooks includes outer case, lcd, inverter board, inverter cable, LVDS cable, microphone, Airport antenna, magnetic lid catch and hinges. While the display assy is fully interchangeable between all 14″ iBook models, the coloring is different. The easiest way to tell them apart is the opaque has a white display bezel and white edging around the bezel. All others have a silverish bezel and clear edging around the bezel.

A) White (silverish bezel) – Some small marks on the middle left side of the lcd. They aren’t scratches.

B) Opaque


*All parts are used so expect minor scratches and signs of wear.