iBook G3 12″ 14″ Optical Drive


CD-ROM – DVD-ROM – Combo Drive

iBook G3 12″ M6497, A1005 – 14″ M8413, A1007


The white iBook G3’s (12″ and 14″) were available with several optical drive options. All include the bezel and all are tray load.

A) Silver Bezel – CD-ROM (Hitachi-LG Data Storage) CRN-8245B, 661-2529, 661-1775

B) Silver Bezel  – DVD-ROM (Matsushita (Panasonic))

C) Opaque Bezel – Combo Drive (Sony, Toshiba) CRX820E, 661-2532, 661-2580, 661-2532, 661-1776

D) Silver Bezel – Combo Drive (Sony, Toshiba) SD-R2212, CRX820E, 661-2532, 661-2580, 661-2532, 661-1776

*Drive can be from one of a number of vendors, so please make your selection based on drive type instead.

Silver bezels are for the Translucent White cases and “Opaque” are for the Opaque White cases.