Apple iBook G4 14″




Apple iBook G4 14″. A1055.

The iBook G4 systems use a PowerPC “G4” processor. Everything about them is just faster than the G3 iBooks, although they look nearly identical. Faster graphics, RAM, and system bus. The iBook G4 models also added USB 2.0 ports and support for AirPort Extreme (802.11g) and Bluetooth 1.1.

Both computers look great and performance has been flawless through extensive testing. Power adapter is included. Expect minor scuffs and scratches, but anything more major will be noted below.

Choose from the following:

A) Late 2004 Apple iBook G4. M9627LL/A, PowerBook 6,5.

  • This iBook features a 1.33 GHz G4 processor, 14 inch screen, 32MB VRAM, 768MB memory, 60GB hard drive with a new install of OS 10.4 Tiger, DVD-Rom/CD-RW Combo optical drive, Airport Extreme and BlueTooth in an opaque white case. The battery is good as well (unknown how long it lasts). (this one is pictured)

B) Late 2003 Apple iBook G4. M9165LL/A, PowerBook 6,3. “Original”

  • This iBook features a 1 GHz G4 processor, 14 inch screen, 32MB VRAM, 640MB memory, 40GB hard drive with OS 10.4.3 Tiger and some apps. Also features a DVD-Rom/CD-RW Combo optical drive. Case is opaque white. The battery charges as well (unknown how long it lasts).