Apple iBook G3 14″



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Apple iBook G3 14″. A1007, powerbook4,3.

Born Translucent White in Late 2002, this 800 MHZ, 32 VRAM 14″ iBook G3 has had a complete case transplant to become Opaque. It is maxed out on memory at 640MB, has a Combo Drive, and a 30MB hard drive running OS 10.4. This one also has a battery that accepts a charge – no idea how long it lasts. Supported systems OS 9.2.2/10.2.1 to 10.4.11.

Ports include mini VGA, 2x USB, firewire 400, modem, ethernet, S-video out, and headphone.

Comes with a power adapter.

At 20 years old, expect various scratches and scuff from normal use. It looks good and works well and has passed extensive diagnostics.