Zoom Fax Modem V.34X Plus


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Zoom Fax Modem V.34X Plus

Model 2837

The Zoom/FaxModems Model 2837 V.34X Plus (external) for Macintosh provide 28,800 bps uncompressed data transmission over conventional telephone lines, using the V.34 protocol and up to 33,600 bps with enhanced data throughput. The V.34 standard is the fastest data communications protocol approved by the ITU, the international standards body for telecommunications.

More information available here: http://www.zoomtel.com/datasheets/v34plus.html

Package includes:
Zoom Fax Modem
Power Supply
Serial Interface Cable for Macintosh
Phone cable
Software – FAXstf 3.2.3
Owner’s Manual & other product information
Original Box and packaging – UPC has been cut out of the box – probably for a rebate.

This modem looks great and powers up. Unable to test further because of Comcast phone service…

No system requirements that I’ve found yet for the FAXstf 3.2.3 (1997), probably system 7x.