NuBus Networking Cards


Asante, Dayna, Farallon and more!


NuBus expansion slots were used on the Mac II, Quadra, Centris, some of the early PowerPC’s and with adapter for other models. Please do your own research for your computer.

*NuBus cards with BNC port only. DCA 80-20072-000E (13”)


*NuBus cards with Ethernet RJ-45 port (10bT) only. Farallon EtherWave (2 port)(7”), DaynaPort E/II-T (6.5” and half height), DaynaPort E/II-3 (7.5”)


*BNC and DB-15. 3Com EtherLink/NB (12”), Asante MC3NB (7”), Asante MCNB Rev A (7”)


*BNC and RJ-45. DCA MacIRMA (13”)


*DB-15 and RJ-45. Asante MC3NB (7”), Asante MCNB Rev A (7”), Cabletron 9000197 (13”), DaynaPort E/II-3 (7.5”), Shiva Etherport 11T (7”) – this is the most common card I have.


*BNC and DB-15 and RJ-45. Farallon Nubus Card Assy 897067 (7”), unknown mfr Rev E, “Halo” 9312 (7”)


These networking cards were all pulled from working systems, several “rescues” ago. They are untested by me, but need to find a new home. Many are singles, with the most common being Shiva, Asante, DaynaPort and 3COM. Sold as-is.

Select below for long or short cards and connector type. Leave a note on the checkout page or contact me if you want a specific card or more information.