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PhoneNet replaced Apple’s LocalTalk for AppleTalk networking. PhoneNet adapters plug into to 8 pin (MiniDin) serial port of the Apple IIGS and Macintosh Plus to the first G3’s. Networking is done through phones lines with the standard phone RJ11 plug.

There is one NEW adapter available from FastNet – termination is enabled with a switch on the side. There is an assortment of used adapters, most are quantities of one and two. All will work together on the same chain. Apple, Digicard, Farallon, Farallon PhoneNet Plus, Focus TurboNet ST, Power User, Belkin. If you have a preference, let me know and I’ll see if it’s still available.

Lines and adapters are daisy chained throughout the network. Terminators are used at both ends of the chain. I currently do not enough terminators for each one, so they are sold separately.