AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor


M1401 M1297 The first color Macintosh display!


The AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor, Model M0401 (Rev A) or M1297 (Rev B), was introduced with the Macintosh II. This 13″ Triniton monitor has a fixed resolution of 640 x 480. The back features the power and degauss buttons. The brightness and contrast buttons are on the right side. The monitor uses the standard Macintosh DB-15 video connector, and while not pictured, the cable is included. Monitor power cable (gets power from the computer) is also included.

This AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor for the Macintosh looks and sounds similar to the AppleColor RGB Monitor for the Apple IIGS. The Macintosh monitor is larger and they ARE NOT interchangeable.

There are several of these monitors in stock in varying condition. ***Photos are for illustration purposes only and are NOT the monitor you may receive*** Second to last photo above is from a different monitor and show what is meant by corner cracks, very common with this monitor. Last photo is of monitor with scratched screen – there are 3 scratches total. These monitors may be missing feet and may be missing the height adjustment bar, but all have a nice picture. All will have scuffs or marks and minor scratches or dents on the case.

Available Monitors listed below (pricing will vary):

  • 1) 7132219 (M1297). Screen looks great. Has feet, no height adjustment bar. Severe discoloration. Sm crack in the upper r front of the rear housing.
  • 2) 5612086 (M0401). Screen looks great. Looks nice! No feet. Has height adjustment bar.
  • 3) 5252753 (M0401). Screen looks great. Probably medium overall discloration, a sticker was removed from the top, and it has some lighter bands around the sides where a Kensington anti -glare filter was. Non original feet, no height adjustment bar. Round case piece missing – center bottom for optional stand.
  • 4) 7022981 (M0401). Screen looks great and display sits a little towards the right side. No feet, no height adjustment bar. Light to Medium discoloration.
  • 5) 7058862 (M0401). Screen looks great. No feet, no height adjustment bar. May have no or Light discoloration. Crack in lower right front of case by screen.
  • 6) Sold! 5527927 (M0401). Screen looks great. No feet, no height adjustment bar. Medium discoloration. Round case piece missing – center bottom for optional stand.
  • 7) 7061623 (M1297). Screen looks great. Has feet and height adjustment bar. Rear housing has been changed, so the right side of the front housing is pretty orange and the rear housing is light. The rest is more evenly colored, probably Medium.