NuBus Video Cards


Apple, Radius, RasterOps and more!



NuBus expansion slots were used on the Mac II, Quadra, Centris, some of the early PowerPC’s and with adapter for other models. Please do your own research for your computer.

Cards in stock include:

1) Apple Macintosh II Video Card 820-0198-C “Toby”

2) Apple Macintosh Display Card 630-0400 – has 2 VRAM slots

3) Apple Workstation/Portrait Video Card 820-5037-C (untested)

4) Apple High-Resolution Display Video Card 820-0185-08, 630-4222, 630-4230. **some have soldered expansion chips and some are socketed. Most socketed do not have the extra chips.

5) Radius – Mac II Two Page Display 630-0041-J, 820-0007-C (untested)

6) Radius – Precision Color 8-24x, 632-0103 B (untested)

7) Radius – Accelerated 24 Bit Graphics I/F 632-0191-02. This is the red card in the photos – the only info I can find calls it a Precision Color Pro 24x (untested)

8) RasterOps Colorboard 264

9) Unknown 1990. Has RasterOps chips and 4 VRAM slots. 640×480, 1022×512, 2046×512 millions.

10) Truevision 1988, 2 VGA ports and has NuVista daughter card. (untested)

11) Truevision 1990, 2 VGA ports. NuVista + Base Rev 2.0 with NuVista + Memory add on. W/daughter card as well. (untested)

Most cards except Apple are one of a kind. Untested means I don’t have the display they are meant for or haven’t gotten the right combo of computer and display together yet, so sold as-is. List will be updated when possible. All except the Truevision have the standard Macintosh DB-15 display port.

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