Macintosh IIcx Logic Board


16 MHz

Sold out for now

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Apple 661-0537, 820-0230-B. Mac IIcx logic board. 16MHz 68030 processor.

Non working condition, all capacitors are leaking. I have done an initial cleaning of the gunk with alcohol and tried testing again. They were checked with a working power supply.

These can be great DYI projects or there are people that provide recapping service such as Mac Caps.

Available AS IS, no warranty.

One of the boards has two black Simms slots rather than all white and it has a regular Molex hard drive power connector rather than the square connector found on all the rest.

1) Standard 820F0230 board, no memory

2) Standard 820F0230 board, with 8 MB memory

3) 820-0230, board without square hard drive power connector, no memory