Logic Board, Performa 6200 – 6300 Series


75 MHz

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Apple 661-1008 or 820-0685-B. 75 MHZ Logic Board assembly with a PowerPC 603 processor.

  • Performa 6200, 6205CD, 6214CD, 6216CD, 6218CD, 6220CD, 6230CD, 6290CD, 6300CD, 6320, 6360

Included is the original Cache/ROM DIMM for nostalgia – if you want it. You will get the message “The System Software has detected a hardware problem. Extensions have been disabled. Please contact Apple customer support or an Apple-authorized service provider to have the Cache/ROM DIMM replaced.” There was a recall back in the day and this one escaped it. Included will also be a floppy disk with the 5xxx/6xxx Tester. *** Please note that the Logic Board is fine and was inspected and tested with another Cache/ROM DIMM ***