Logic Board, Mother Board, Processor PowerMac 7200 – 7600


Motherboard, CPU

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Logic Boards and assemblies for the Power Mac 7200, 7300, 7500 and 7600 will be listed here.

Available are the following: Please select below.

#1) Apple 820-0762-B. 7200/120 Logic Board which includes a PowerPC 601 processor, 8MB RAM, 256k L2 Cache and 1MB VRAM DIMM. SN KT6398AR7W6.

#2) Apple 820-0564-09 TNT Mother Board VAL 4. 7500/100 Logic Board which includes the Logic board, 100MHz PowerPC 601 processor card (820-0611-A, 630-1219-A), 256k L2 Cache, 2MB VRAM (DIMMS). 16MB RAM. SN FC541A724X8 / B1539CYG4MPA. Processor card will be removed for shipping.