Daystar Digital Turbo 040 Accelerator


Macintosh II Series

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DayStar Digital Turbo 040 Accelerator Macintosh II. Working accelerator pulled from a working Mac IIvx.

This 68040 Processor upgrade card takes the Macintosh II and SE/30 to speeds up to 40 MHz. This accelerator card fits in the PDS slot. Made for the Macintosh II, IIx, IIcx, IIsi, IIci, IIvi, IIvx, SE/30 and Performa 600.
An adapter (not included) is needed for SE/30, II, IIx, IIcx and IIsi. Completely plug and play in the IIci, IIvx, IIvi and Performa 600.

Loads of information is available on Low End Mac including software for Daystar Digital products.