Apple Presentation System


Focus LTV Portable Pro


Apple Presentation System, M2895LL/A is a Computer to TV Scan Converter made by Focus Enhancements. This LTV Portable Pro converter lets you display your Mac screen on a TV, VCR or projector capable of NTSC. It can be used instead of or in conjunction with a monitor. Video out from the converter to TV/VCR is Composite (RCA jack) or S-Video. Requirements from the LTV manual – Macintosh: A computer with an external display connector for attaching an external monitor. L•TV Portable Pro will work with all Macintosh display cards and on-board video with the exception of the Mac IIci on-board video. In order to see the output on both the computer monitor and TV simultaneously, you’ll need to be using an Apple 12″, 13″, or 14″ monitor. If your monitor is larger than 14 inches, it must be a multisync, capable of running at various frequencies.

Included with this Mac to TV converter is a power adapter and Video In from Mac cable (DB15 male on both ends). The LTV Portable Pro manual is available on the internet, or I can email it with purchase.