Apple AudioVision 14 Display Adapter


Use the AudioVision Display with any Macintosh that has a Db-15 pin monitor port.

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AudioVision 14 Display Adapter
Retail Part # 922-0419 (part of the M1243LL/A kit)

This adapter that allows you to use the AudioVision monitor with any Mac with a DB-15 monitor port. It allows you to bring in audio, video and adb. All of which is automatically taken care through the HDI45 port on the 6100/7100/8100 series.

Here is an excerpt from:

“Q: What is the Integrated Desktop Cable (IDC)?

A: It’s a new high-density cable for plug-and-play set-up. The IDC 
replaces five cables that would normally have to run from your computer
 to your display to provide the same AudioVision functionality (sound-in,
 sound-out, ADB, video-in, video-out). Now with a single “snap” you’ll
 be connected.

Q: When do I need the AudioVision Adapter?

A: It is required on all modular Macintosh models that do not have the
 high-density connector on the back panel of the computer. The part
 number is M1243LL/A. Future Apple CPU’s will support the new integrated
 desktop cable and, therefore, will not require the AudioVision adapter.”

I do not have one of these monitors and am unable to test the adapter, so Sold-as-is