Apple Keyboard II M0487


A classic for your Classic or LC.



Introduced with the Classic and the LC, the Apple Keyboard II, M0487 was the second ADB keyboard for the Macintosh. It features an ADB port on each side – one for the cable to the computer and the other is to plug the mouse into. There are two flip down feet or legs in the back.

This keyboard will work with any Mac from the Macintosh II through the Beige G3 as well as the Apple IIGS.

The Apple Keyboard II includes a matching Apple Desktop Bus Mouse and an Apple ADB keyboard cable. Coloring ranges from Nice, with little to no discoloration to Light to Medium and are priced accordingly.

As you can see by the photos, the keyboard you receive may or may not have a rainbow Apple in the top left corner and may have no label, a paper label, or a stamped label on the bottom.

Discount available If purchased with a computer.

Apple Keyboard II parts are available here.

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