iMac 24″ (Alu) Rear Housing Cover


Mid 2007 – Early 2009 Aluminum A1225


Rear housing or cover for the Mid 2007 – Early 2009 24″ Aluminum iMac A1225

A) Mid 2007, 922-8182. This housing is in good condition and includes the power button and antenna cables

B) Early 2008, 922-8486. This housing assembly is in excellent condition and includes most of the small parts and cables that remain after the big parts are removed. Included are the power button, antenna cables, camera, camera cable, AC SATA power cable, AC inlet/filter, SATA cable, microphone cable, optical drive flex cable, hinge mechanism and stand.

C) Early 2009, 922-8876

Note that the housing appear to be interchangeable between Mid 2007 and Early 2008. Some of the small parts may be different, and you would have to swap in yours if needed.

The first photo is the 2007. Next two are the 2008.