PC133 168 Pin SDRam Memory


For your eMac, and Power Mac G4


PC133 168 Pin SDRAM DIMM Memory Module. Apple specs call for 3.3V, unbuffered, 8 byte, non-parity.

Memory module pictured is used for illustration only. Modules in stock are from a variety of manufactures, but all are from and guaranteed to work in the following computers:

  • Power Mac G4, Digital Audio, all QuickSilver – Will also work with the PCI, AGP, Gigabit models
  • eMac, eMac (ATI Graphics) 700Mhz – 1 Ghz

Select size and quantity below. Matching modules will be shipped whenever possible. Backwards compatible with PC100 modules. Most in stock are low profile, if it is crucial to your application, please leave a note on the checkout page along with your computer model.