G4 eMac

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Designed and originally marketed for the educational market. It later became the affordable mass market entry level Mac compared to the iMac G4.

These are coming in without extra goodies, so any original software, keyboards and mice are sold separately as there are few, if any, available. All include a power cable.

Photos are from an 800 Mhz and are illustrative only:

eMac – 800 MHz G4 Processor, 512 Mb RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive and a CD-ROM optical drive. This eMac, A1002, has 3 USB and 2 Firewire ports and a 17″ screen and ATI Graphics. Wireless ready, all it needs is an Airport card (not included). New Install of Mac OS 10.4, you will start with with the splash screen to set up your own info.

Please Note: Lacking the original shipping box and materials, it does take several hours to custom package monitors and some all in one computers for safe shipping.