iMac G3 (Tray) Logic Board With Sonnet Processor Card


Upgrade your iMac G3 Bondi or Fruit to 500MHz with the Harmoni G3!


This blazing fast upgraded 500Mhz logic board for the iMac G3, comes already installed in it’s tray ready to slide directly into your tray loading iMac (233 MHz, 266 MHz, 333 MHz). It comes with all cables necessary to hook it all up, just add your own drives. The Sonnet Harmoni G3 is a 500Mhz processor card that also adds a FirewWire 400 port to the machine for connecting your external drives at super fast 400Mbps.

This board comes with 192MB of RAM installed and can be upgraded to 512MB max. The video chip is an ATI Rage IIC GTC with 4MB of VRam.