iMac G3 (Slot) Logic Board, Down Converter, Assy


Complete Assembly


For iMac Slot Load, iMac DV, iMac Special Edition, Summer 2000, Summer 2001

Logic or Main board, Down Converter, modem, I/O panel. Plug and play, just add your own RAM and Airport card.

1) Apple 661-2210, 661-2317, marked 820-1096-A Version 2. iMac G3 Slot loading 350Mhz. No daughter board. VLSI chip ends in -01. No firewire on this model.

2) Apple 661-2211, marked 820-1051-A Version 1. iMac G3 Slot loading 400Mhz. Original board with daughter board. (pictured)

3) Apple 661-2374, marked 820-1131-A. iMac G3 350Mhz. Summer 2000. No firewire on this model.

4) Apple 661-2425, marked 820-1275-A. iMac G3 500Mhz. Summer 2001