ATI Radeon X800XT Video Card Power Mac G5


AGP Video for the Power Mac G5

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ATI Radeon X800XT AGP Mac Edition 256MB, ADC and DVI ports. PN 109-A35803-00, 102A3580100

Top of the line graphics card is one of the fastest available for the G5 and will power a 30” Cinema Display at full 2560×1600 resolution. Requires a G5 with AGP slot, OS 10.3.6 through 10.5.8. and 512MB Memory.

Key features include:
16 parallel rendering pipelines
AGP 8X support
3Dc technology
Smartshader HD technology
Smoothvision HD technology
Videoshader HD technology
Hyper Z HD technology

Original box includes X800XT video card, Getting Started Guide and DVI to VGA adapter. Drivers and software available from ATI at Pulled from a working G5.

Does not work in the Late 2005 G5’s, which went to PCI Express rather than AGP video port.