8x SuperDrive DVDRW Optical Drive UJ-85J


12.7mm PATA Matshita Panasonic

Sold out for now

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661-1804, 661-2814, 661-2828, 661-2931, 661-3094, 661-3252, 661-3253, 661-3434, 661-3537, 661-3607, 661-3745, 661-3909, 661-4098, 661-4282, 661-4421, 661-4622, UJ-835, UJ-815, UJ-816, UJ-825, UJ-845, UJ-847, UJ-85J, UJ-875

If you have a Matshita / Panasonic combo or superdrive in any of the following computers, this drive should work for you.
• G4 Titanium Onyx and DVI PowerBooks with combo drives
• All G4 Aluminum PowerBooks
• All iBook G4s with Panasonic drives
• All 17″ MacBook Pros (excluding Unibody)
• All Power PC Mac minis
• All Model A1176 Intel Mac minis
• All G5 iMacs
• All Intel iMacs with Panasonic drives (Early 2008 and older, excluding 24″ iMac)

There may be more compatibility as well. This is the bare drive with no bezel. Please do your own research and feel free to ask questions. This is not interchangeable with Pioneer drives and is too thick to use in MacBooks or most MacBook Pros.

SUPER 8JCA, 678-0531J, Model UJ-85J-C