Apple IIc AC Power Adapter


A2M4017, A2M4120


Apple A2M4017, A2M4120. AC Power Pack for the Apple IIc (110v). Called by many names, this external brick, power adapter or power supply is only used on the IIc (Models A2S4000 and A2S4100). Available with either beige or platinum cables to match the flavor of your IIc.

There are a very limited number of good, working external power supplies or “bricks” available for the IIc, so they are ONLY available with purchase of a IIc from this site.

*You may also choose a non working power supply for just the 3 lbs shipping cost (with IIc purchase). If you are adventurous, they have to be opened with a saw to be repaired. Note that many of these bad ones may get you power, but the screen will flash or exhibit portions of the text waving one direction or the other.

There are now places that sell new, third party power supplies for the IIc because many of the original ones no longer work.