Macintosh System 7 Personal Upgrade Kit


System 7 brings a new world of power, ease of use, and versatility to every Macintosh personal computer.




Presenting Apple’s award-winning system software: powerful new capabilities, versatile new feature-and still incredibly easy to use. System 7 lets you take advantage of new applications from leading developers, such as Claris, Adobe, Microsoft, Aldus, and Lotus. So join the millions of Macintosh users worldwide who have discovered the power of System 7.


Brand New sealed box!

In the box:

  • System 7 Software Disks
  • Macintosh Network Basics Disk 
  • Before You Install Disk
  • System 7 Reference Manual

System Requirements:

  • 2MB of RAM Minimum 
  • A Hard Disk Drive
  • 6803 Microprocessor Required to Use Virtual Memory