Hard Drive OS System Install Service


Buying a hard drive but it is empty or the System on it is not what you want, won’t work with your computer or just want a fresh install?


While many Operating Systems are still available from Apple, you may not have an easy or convenient way to get them to or on your Mac.

Contact me or leave a note on the checkout page and let me know what Macintosh the drive will be installed in and what System or OS you would like on it. Please note that I am not selling you the software, you are buying my time to provide this service to you.

Considerations include enablers for System 7x, formatting – whether it needs HD-SC, Drive Setup, or even third party formatting apps like FWB or Silver Lining. Also there are choices like minimal system or install everything available.
$35.00 includes reformatting (initializing), testing yet again and installing a new System.
$50.00 will get you the above Plus some other goodies such as utilities or communications software (currently available elsewhere on the internet for download).