Apple Internet Connection Kit


You’ll be surfing the Net in no time. 



You’ve heard that the Internet is the hottest way to chat with people around the globe, exchange e-mail, shop, do business. download files, and discover a world of information. You also may have heard that getting onto the Internet is a daunting task. The Apple Internet Connection Kit makes it easy. We’ve collected the software you need to get started and included Apple Guide on-screen assistance to walk you through complex procedures. The Apple Internet Dialer application helps you sign up with a qualified Internet service provider who will get you connected to the Internet within minutes.


Select One: 

A) Complete Box Set (Good Condition) Comes with a sealed never opened user manual! Has both 10 3.5″ 1.4MB disks (doesn’t look like the disks have been out of the box) and a CD!

B) Installer on ten 3.25″ 1.4MB floppy disks, and manual only!

C) CD with Installer and 7.5 Update 2.0, and manual only! (last photo)