Power Macintosh 8600 Manuals And Software


Power Mac 8600


Welcome Look Inside Macintosh Accessory Kit box.

Package includes:

  • Power Macintosh User’s Manual. Includes setup, troubleshooting, and important health-related information for Power Macintosh 8600 series computer. 1997 Apple 034-0280-A
  • Corrections to your Power Macintosh 8600 User’s Manual. 033-0522-A
  • Technical Information booklet – Specifications for Power Macintosh 8600 series computers 034-0245-A
  • Apple Macintosh CD – Power Macintosh 9600 and 8600 series. 1997 Apple. 691-1623-A, SSW Version 7.6.1, CD Version 1.0
  • Guide to Apple Customer Services folder – registration, warranty, Apple stickers, etc.
  • Misc advertising
  • Apple Internet Connection Kit. Getting Started. 034-0039-A 600-5122 (sealed)

All items in very good condition. The box does not say what computer it is for, but all items arrived in it.