Macintosh System 6.0.7 Manuals, Disks

List of the stuff that came with your new Macintosh

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This page is for information only. Any complete packages will be available elsewhere for the specific computer.

In addition to any of the earlier computers that may have been still selling new, the Classic, IIsi, IIfx, and LC fall into this group.

Starting with System 6.0.7 or so, the 1 2 3 packages that came with the new computers changed to the following manuals and software.

1 – Open First to set up your Macintosh

  • Setting Up Your Macintosh ____ (machine specific)
  • Special Features of Your Macintosh ____ (machine specific)
  • Compatibility With Selected Software (machine specific)
  • Macintosh Basics disk

2 – Open second for learning and reference materials.

The contents changed from the earlier version. The cardboard wrap contained:

3 – Open third for important documents and details

  • Software License, Warranty, Apple stickers. May have also included other brochures or advertising

Those with links will take you to that product. Those without links, please search by machine or by a couple of words like “setting up”

***Photos are taken from an LC (1-2-3) with System 6.0.7***