Macintosh SE Manuals And Disks


Macintosh SE specific items


The Owner’s Guide for the Macintosh SE came in at least 3 versions. It would have shipped new with numerous Systems starting with 3.3

A) Manual -1987 030-1377-A. This is the one with color.

B) Manual – 1988 030-3296-A

C) Manual -1989 030-3370-A

D) Set up your Macintosh SE

E) Disk – Your Apple Tour of the Macintosh SE

F) Macintosh System Software Update – Apple FDHD and Update to Macintosh SE Owner’s Guide

In general, condition of all ranges from like new to good. Nicest ones will be sold first.

Depending on when your computer was new, it may have come with the following manuals:

In 1988, Macintosh System Software User’s Guide, Macintosh Utilities User’s Guide, HyperCard package (User’s Manual and 3 disks) (early System 6 or before. System 6.0 and 6.0.4 for the System Software User’s Guide)

In 1989, all manuals changed – see the System 6.0.5 reference page.