Macintosh SE Disks And Manuals Package (1988)


The books and disks that shipped with an SE in 1988. 6.0.1


The Macintosh SE was introduced in 1987 and originally shipped with System 3.3. It was sold through 1989. And the SE FDHD was sold through 1990. The manuals and software it shipped with changed several times.

Choose from the following:

A) Packing List dated 4/18/88. Note: ALL contents match the part numbers on the packing slip.

  • Macintosh SE Owner’s Guide
  • Getting Started With Your Macintosh SE
  • Macintosh Quick Reference Card
  • Macintosh System Software User’s Guide
  • Macintosh Utilities User’s Guide
  • HyperCard User’s Manual
  • System disk*
  • HyperCard on 3 disks
  • Your Tour of the Macintosh SE

*This one shipped with System 6.0.1 on 4 disks. The only disk that remains is the Printing disk. Contact me if you would like a non original set of System 6.0.3 or 6.0.4 disks with this package as well.