Macintosh LC Disks and Manuals Package


The books and disks from the Essentials box


One of the last Macs that came with the familiar 1 2 3 packages. System is 6.0.7 on two 1.4MB disks. There is one complete package and one incomplete package.

Select above:

A) Complete package with the 1-2-3 packages (first and second photos)

B) Incomplete package (third photo) comes without the folders, without Hypercard and without the Apple stickers.


Complete package includes:

1 – Open First to set up your Macintosh
Booklets: Setting Up Your Macintosh LC, Special Features of Your Macintosh LC, Compatibility With Selected Software

  • Disk: Macintosh Basics

2 – Open second for learning and reference materials

  • Manuals: Macintosh User’s Guide, HyperCard Basics
  • Disks: System Startup, System Additions, Hypercard Program

3 – Open third for important documents and details

  • Warranty, Software License, brochure, Apple stickers