Macintosh IIvx Disks and Manuals Package – Essentials


The goodies it came with!


Apple 601-0223-B. Macintosh Essentials package. Macintosh IIvx with CD. System Software 7.1 (on floppies).

Manuals, Disks, CDs, mouse, microphone, CD caddy (remember this is the First Mac to ship with a CD drive!) and more! See Packing List photo (dated 9/92)for a complete list (all there except the computer).

While this originally shipped in the box with the IIvx, it was everything you needed… except a keyboard and a monitor. You had choices on those and had to purchase them separately.

Contents of the Essentials box:

  • CD-ROM caddy
  • Power cord
  • Microphone
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse
  • 3 Manuals, Macintosh User’s Guide, Getting Started with your Macintosh IIvx and AppleCD 300i User’s Guide
  • 10 Disks – seven System 7.1 disks including Install Me First, HyperCard Player, Quicktime Extension & CD Setup
  • Apple Resource Guide
  • Apple Guide to CD-ROM titles
  • Folder of CD-ROM discs

Select from the following:

A) All of the above

B) Last photo. It is missing two CD-ROMs from the gray folder, the Apple Guide to CD-ROM titles booklet, the Quicktime paper and the cardboard disk folder. Everything else seems to be there.

C) (no photo) 3 Manuals, Apple Resource Guide, CD folder with 5 CD’s, Quicktime Extension & CD Setup disks. Non original System 7.1 & HyperCard Player disks. No box, and nothing else included.

***Photos are representative***