Macintosh IIcx Disks And Manuals Package


System 6.0.5


There is no packing list for this one, but the contents seem to be complete other than that.

The contents include:

1 – Open first to set up your Macintosh:

  • Your Guide to Documentation
  • Setting Up Your Macintosh (Booklet – Setting Up Your Macintosh IIcx)
  • Learning to Use Your Macintosh (Your Apple Tour of the Macintosh IIcx)
  • Technical Information (Booklet – Macintosh IIcx Special Options and Technical Information)
  • Hypercard tab(Just info written on the tab referring to the HyperCard package)
  • Registration Card

2 – Open second for learning and reference materials

  • Macintosh Reference manual
  • Getting Started With Your Macintosh manual
  • System 6.0.5 disk envelope containing 4 disks (disks have writing on them)

3 – Open third for important documents and details

  • Software License, Warranty, Apple stickers, etc

HyperCard Reference Package

  • HyperCard User’s Guide
  • HyperTalk Beginner’s Guide
  • HyperCard disks (3)