HyperCard Version 1


Versions 1 through 1.2


HyperCard was released in 1987 and was included with every new Macintosh. I am not sure if was also sold as a retail version for those that already had a Macintosh (Plus, II or SE).

When released, the Required equipment was:

  • Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE, or Macintosh II (minimum 1 megabyte of RAM)
  • Two 800k floppy-disk drives, or one 800k floppy-disk drive and one hard-disk drive (recommended)
  • System file, version 3.2 or later.
  • Finder, version 5.3 or later

Version 1.0.1 came in a box with the number M0556 with a manual and 4 – 800k disks

  • HyperCard User’s Guide (with Quick Reference Card in the back) 030-3081-A
  • Startup 690-5110-A
  • HyperCard & Stacks 690-5116-A
  • Help 690-5181-A
  • Ideas 690-5182-A

Version 1.1 came in the same box, now M0556/A with updated disks, Manual and a 1.1 Update booklet. Packing List is dated 11/24/87.

  • HyperCard User’s Guide (with Quick Reference Card in the back) 030-3081-C
  • 1.1 Update booklet 031-0032-A
  • Startup 690-5110-B
  • HyperCard & Stacks 690-5116-B
  • Help 690-5181-B
  • Ideas 690-5182-B

Version 1.2 (1988) also seems to have come in the same box M0556/A. Also with updated disks, although there is no more Startup disk. Manual was revised, and there was a 1.2 Update booklet. The Packing List is dated 3/24/88.

  • HyperCard User’s Guide (with Quick Reference Card in the back) 030-3081-C
  • 1.2 Update booklet 031-0059
  • HyperCard & Stacks 690-5116-E (has version 1.2.2)
  • Help 690-5181-B
  • Ideas 690-5182-C

Select from the following: All boxes have trauma, and all manuals have definitely been used

A) Version 1.0.1 Complete

B) Version 1.0.1 Complete without box (sticker residue on manual, 1.0.1 written on manual and all disks)

C) Version 1.1 Complete with Packing List

D) Version 1.2 With box and Packing List but missing 1.2 Update booklet (writing inside manual)

E) Disk – Startup 690-5110-B

F) Disk – Help 690-5181-B

G) Disk – Ideas 690-6182-C