HyperCard Version 1.2.5


Shipped with System 6.0.3 to 6.0.5 ish


Version 1.2.5 was shipped with approx System 6.0.3 ish through System 6.0.5. It was wrapped in either a Blue cardboard wrap, 914-0521-A or a white one, 942-1601-A.

System Requirements: Any Macintosh computer with 1 MB memory or more. 2 – 800k drives or one drive plus a hard drive.

Plus/SE/II System 4.1/Finder 5.5, IIx/IIcx System 6.0.2, SE/30 System 6.0.3 or greater.

The package contained:

  • HyperCard disks – HyperCard and Stacks, Help and Ideas (690-5561-A, 690-5563-A, 690-5562-A)
  • HyperCard User’s Manual 030-3081-D
  • HyperTalk Beginner’s Guide: An Introduction to Scripting 030-1639-A

Select from the following:

A) Sealed package w/blue wrapper (I assume it is 1.2.5)

B) Complete package (white wrapper) (This one was sealed til I opened it to check contents. Manuals are still sealed)

C) Complete package, no wrapper. Manuals have former stickers on the covers and disks have writing on them.

D) User’s Manual (sealed)

E) HyperTalk Beginner’s Guide (very good)

F) Set of 3 disks only

G) Disk – HyperCard and Stacks 690-5381-A (early version? no vertical HyperCard on label)

H) Disk – Help 690-5563-A


Starting with System 6.0.7, the HyperCard included with new Macintosh’s was called HyperCard Basics and came with a Basics manual and version 2.0 Program disk.

With System 7.1, the Basics manual was gone and the disk was simply HyperCard Player, so you could run stacks, but not create or modify them.