Apple User Group Connection Videos 1990’s


User Group VHS Videotapes


User Groups have been around nearly as long as Apple Computer. There are multiple topics on each tape, I’ll just list a couple.

E through K are sealed.

A) January 1990 – IIci and Portable, Apple TV (the date on the video is January 1989, but 1990 on the case)

B) April 1990 – A/UX 2.0, 8*24GC Display Card, IIfx, Apple II High Speed SCSI Card

C) July 1990 – UG Breakfast at MacWorld, Jean-Louis Gasse’s Keynote at MacWorld, John Sculley Speaks with the UG Advisory Council

D) November 1990 – Macintosh Classic, LC, IIsi

E) February 1991 – UG Breakfast & Jeopardy at MacWorld, AppleLink 6.0

F) April 1991 – MacWorld – John Sculley’s Keynote, printers

G) July 1991 – Intro to System 7

H) December 1991 – LaserWriter IIf & IIg, AppleOne Scanner, Classic II, Quadra, PowerBook

I) February 1992 – MacWorld UG Panel Discussions, Apple/IBM Alliance

J) September 1992 – UG Breakfast, Newton

K) December 1992 – System 7.1, IIvx, PowerBooks

L) November 1994 – UGTV ’94

M) November 1995 – UGTV ’95 – Adobe, Apple, Claris, Disney, MacPlay

N) November 1996 – UGTV – Give Your Dreams a Chance Ad Contest

O) Power PC – Exerpts from Launch, Office 4.2, Open Sesami!, FrameMaker 4 (no date on this one and it may not be original)

Note that these are untested.