Apple User Group Connection Videos 1980’s


User Group VHS Videotapes


User Groups have been around nearly as long as Apple Computer. There are multiple topics on each tape, I’ll just list a couple.

A) January 1988 – Apple 1997, Computer Clubs, Hypercard Solutions

B) April 1988 – Open Apple, John Sculley speaks at UniForum (Interface and Knowledge Navigator)

C) August 1988 – AppleFest Steve Woznial and Del Yocam, Project 2000, HyperCard

D) August 1988 – User Group Solutions Showcase

E) January 1989 – AppleFest John Sculley, Macintosh II Power to be Your Best

F) July 1989 – Macintosh Networking

G) April 1989 – Sculley and UG Advisory Council, Apple II Video Overlay, other product introductions

Note that these are untested.