AppleColor RGB Monitor – IIGS A2M6014 Scratched


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Scratch and dent sale

The AppleColor RGB Monitor, Apple A2M6014 was made for the Apple IIGS. Featuring High resolution 12″ analog RGB color, this monitor plugs directly into the monitor port of the IIGS. Even though the DB-15 port looks the same as the Macintosh, it has different signals.

There are several of these monitors in stock. They all have scratches in the middle of the screen from improper transportation or storage prior to coming to me. The scratched area contains multiple scratches up to a 2″ diameter in the very center of the screen and some of the scratches are deep. Shown is an example of one of the screens. These monitors are in working condition. Coloring varies – or should I say discoloration. They have no feet and no riser bar at the front. Power cable is attached. Monitor interface cable sold separately

These monitors take me a long time to package properly for shipping, so these monitors are free for local pickup or $35.00 for my time and materials to pack it. Shipping charges will be added at checkout.

If more than one is desired, please check with me before purchasing and I’ll verify available quantities

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